Unique features

Wheelylift: unique, simple and space-saving

The idea behind the Wheelylift is very simple: hanging up a bicycle vertically saves a lot of space. The Dutch inventor of the Wheelylift realised that no handy system existed for hanging up bicycles weighing more than 10 kilos, so he decided to come up with one himself. Hanging up bikes vertically can achieve space savings of up to 60 per cent. Wheelylift.com refined the product and made the storage system suitable for anyone to use.


How it works 1: placing a cycle in the Wheelylift

Lifting up the front wheel slightly and placing it on the Wheelylift hook (you will hear a click after gently pushing down the lifting arm) activates the lifting mechanism of the Wheelylift. As soon as the Wheelylift starts to lift the cycle, you simply guide the cycle without any effort on your part, holding it by the handlebars and under the saddle until the rear wheel is positioned in the wheel slot of the Wheelylift. And that's all there is to it: your cycle is now safely held in place. If necessary, you can push the Wheelylift with bicycle to the left or the right.


How it works 2: removing a cycle from the Wheelylift

Hold the bicycle by the handlebars and under the saddle and simply pull it away from the wall. The arm of the Wheelylift will bring the cycle down to the floor in a smooth, flowing motion. You will hear a click once the lifting arm has descended fully. The lifting mechanism will then be tensioned for the next use. As you can see, removing the cycle from the storage system also takes hardly any effort.

What makes the Wheelylift so unique?

The Wheelylift is becoming hugely popular very quickly, partly because of the following unique features:


Because of its vertical suspension system, the Wheelylift can store more cycles per square metre than any other system.

Suitable for any type of bicycle

The Wheelylift can lift any type of cycle effortlessly, whether it is light or heavy. The Wheelylift can even lift electric bikes and carrier cycles with no problem.

Light as a feather

The use of the Wheelylift involves no effort on your part. This is because of the lifting mechanism that is activated as soon as the wheel is placed onto the hook: the Wheelylift then does its job while you simply look on. This is all possible thanks to the patented moveable momentum construction. For business users: this means that you can hang up bicycles fully in accordance with the applicable health and safety legislation.


The construction of the Wheelylift means that none of the parts are hard to reach. This, together with the simple design, means that the Wheelylift is also easy to keep clean.


The Wheelylift lifts cycles without the use of additional (electric) power sources and is therefore a sustainable product. It causes as little harm to the environment as possible. Only sustainable materials are used during the production of the Wheelylift. The entire chain applies low-pollution measures with regard to working conditions, purchasing, logistics, storage and the like.

No risk of damage

During normal use of the Wheelylift, there is no danger of damage to your bicycle.


The Wheelylift can be pivoted, which means that you can also store a cycle in a small space (such as a hallway or small shed) easily and efficiently. Using the Wheelylift, it is very easy to rotate a cycle against the wall, which means that your passage is not blocked: your path remains free. As well asbeing freely pivotable, the Wheelylift can also be fixed in various different positions (see the technical specifications).

Storage options: the Wheelylift pillar

If you have a relatively large number of bicycles, or if you have a bicycle dealership, garage or other space where large numbers of cycles must be stored, a Wheelylift pillar is a very useful solution. This ensures that your bicycles take up as little space as possible.

Storage options: unused walls

Small sections of wall and odd corners of a room are spaces which would normally remain unused. However, installing one or more Wheelylifts means that these spaces can now be put to good use.

Storage options: different angles

Changing the angle of the Wheelylift makes it possible to store cycles in narrow spaces with no problem. Tables for angle A and dimensions B to E are available. Please contact Wheelylift.com for further information.

Locking ability of the arm

You can lock the arm when it is down. In this way you prevent that the arm goes up unexpectedly. Use the button on the side of the Wheelylift.

Image 1. To unlock the arm: pull the button out and make a quarter turn.
Image 2. To lock the arm: turn the button a quarter. The button is then automatically in the locking position.
Note: Before using the Wheelylift the button must be unlocked.

Technical specifications

Material: steel
Surface treatment: electrogalvanized blue passivated
Weight: 10 kilos
Length of housing: 700 mm
Width of housing: 55 mm
Distance from housing to wall: 30 mm
Freely pivotable: from 0° to 180°
Lifting mechanism drive: avmc and gas spring
Manufacturer's guarantee: 1 year
Minimum spoke spacing at rim: 33 mm
Maximum rim width: 55 mm