The Wheelylift is unique, simple and space-saving. This affordable Dutch invention allows literally anyone to
hang up any kind of bicycle effortlessly. The pivoting mechanism of the Wheelylift also makes it very easy to
store bicycle(s) in small, narrow spaces, whilst still
being able to walk past them. The Wheelylift is very easy
to maintain and can be used in practically any location.

Wheelylift is a Dutch invention that is incredibly unique and saves space.

The system gives you the ability to hang up any type of bicycle with no effort. Wheelylift works with a pivoting mechanism which allows you to store your bicycle in a narrow or very small space without blocking your space for walking. The system is practical and quite easy to maintain.

Wheelylift was invented by Jules Sypkens to create more space for people inside of their living quarters. Multiple bikes can be both organized and shown off. The system is also perfect for corporations who sell bicycles such as Target or Walmart. Consumers are able to see all the bicycles available and employees can easily and quickly get the bicycles down.

Functionality is a large part of Wheelylift with a design that is intriguing and sleek. This system has been designed to be the best product possible. You get your moneys worth with a product that is made of supreme quality by a company with integrity.

Companies now have the ability to store their bicycles effectively and safely. Jules Sypkens worked hard to create the bicycle lift known as the Wheelylift to effectively store bicycles. His idea of hanging up bicycles vertically will save you forty to sixty percent of your available space for storage. Wheelylift also allow to use the best bike storage rack system for your companies and building

Most bike storage systems designed for bicycles store them in their natural upright position. What makes the Wheelylift system so unique and easy to use is the concept of hanging bicycles with a pulley system used for storage. The entire system is maintenance free and not only saves a great deal of space but allows you to pivot your bicycle using a motion that enables it to hang.

The system does a lot more than give you more room to walk. You can use it for any kind of bicycle with absolutely no maintenance. This particular system is literally as light as a feather so strength is not necessary. You can store a lot of bicycles with numerous different angles possible.

There are a lot of different products available on the bicycle storage systems website. These systems have the ability to lift bicycles of all different weights. The mounting materials available can hold three, four or even six Wheelylifts. The product is environmentally safe and has origins of base materials.

Wheelylift is made in Holland by the staff of the Social Workplace. The product is made with the best of quality and care and has a long lifespan. Wheelylift can solve all of your bicycle storage problems quickly and easily.