Wheelylift is an international company that, in collaboration with various partners, is active in both the project and consumer markets. We have a shop where our bicycle lifts are for sale for private individuals and for the business market we have a business site where you can order products or services on a larger scale by means of an application form.

The idea behind the Wheelylift is actually quite simple. Inventor Jules Sijpkens devised a system with which you can hang bikes of more than 10 kilos, and where much space was saved. Simply because it was not there yet. It turned out to work: by hanging the bikes vertically you can save 40 to 60 percent space!

Wheelylift offers various products and services. But what is especially special about the Wheelylift is that it is the only vertical parking system that can lift and hold bicycles up to 35 kg!

In 2012 We retrieved the production of the Wheelylift from Asia to Nedreland, the Wheelylift is not only a “Dutch Design” but also “Made in Holland” and we are proud of it! In addition, socially responsible entrepreneurship is also a high priority, so let us assemble the Wheelylift by employees of the social workplace and also carry it through in the operations, production and logistics.

In addition, we have mapped all our partners on one page so that you can quickly and easily find the nearest dealer, click here for all points of sale.

Our mission is to make the world a greener place. We do this in 3 ways:

  1. We offer solution to motivate people and companies to travel by bike instead of a car or motorcycle. With our unique, space saving, sustainable and user-friendly parking solutions, we hope to convince people to take out the bike more often and park it easy and safe in any location, indoor or outdoor.

  2. We donate a part of our profit for every product sold to Treedom.net. This way we build our own forest in Kenia, Cameroon and Tanzania. This way we will compensate what we take from the world by our production and give back to the world to make it a better place.

  3. We select suppliers which follow green procedures in production.


Also we would like to briefly introduce you to the Wheelylift team!


Rutger is the director of Wheelylift. He pulls al the strings and makes sure that everything goes perfect. Rutger is also very present, with Rutger on the working floor there is alsways a good atmosphere.


Dennis is the machine of Wheelylift, He is a hard worker and he finishes everything on time. With Dennis on your floor you dont need to worry about anything.


Rene is the “elder” Malherbe of the 2. Although he doesn’t always act like that. Rene is usually the first contact via our website or by email and with a bit of luck he will pack the Wheelylifts firmly and get your order delivered quickly.


Nienke is a real smiley face! Most of the time she is cheerful and sociable, but sometimes she is annoying. She is extremely passionate about creating content for marketing and also provides the 1st line of commercial contact. As long as her head is with it, the train will go smoothly.


Erik is the assembly king! He no longer does cartwheel, but he always works well and ensures that he gets the order on time. Usually including all parts.


Dylan is the brat at Wheelylift. He’s doing his best, but he’s mainly here for fun. Dylan works on the website, social media and marketing.


Bram is our veteran, he is working for Wheelylift for a very long time. as long as you dont bother Bram he finishes the task.