Storage options: unused walls

Small pieces of wall, a strange corner in a room; they are spaces that would normally remain unused. By placing one or more Wheely lifts, these spaces are used again in a useful way.  

Storage options: various angles

By changing the angle of the Wheelylift, bicycles can also be easily stored in narrow spaces. The correct sizes and data are: A = 30° B = 40cm C = 80cm D = 100cm E = 260cm

Technical specifications
Material: steel
Surface treatment: electrolytically galvanized blue passivated
Weight: 10 kilos (including packaging)
Length of the housing: 700 mm
Housing width: 55 mm
Distance from house to the wall: 30 mm
Freely swiveling: from 0 ° to 180 °
Drive lifting mechanism: AVMC and gas spring
Factory warranty: 1 year
Minimum required spoke distance with rim: 33 mm
Maximum rim width: 55 mm