The Wheelylift is a unique, simple and space-saving bicycle storage system, suitable for all bicycles from road bikes to heavy e-bikes. The Wheelylift is equipped with a gas spring and a magnetic click system. The Wheelylift is unique, extremely user-friendly and ideal for any public space.


These profiles are suitable for mounting Wheelylifts. The advantage of the profiles is that you are flexible in placing and/or moving the Wheelylifts. Profiles are available in standard sizes for 2, 3, 4 and 6 Wheelylifts but can also be customized for your space.


Options to order with the Wheelylift include;

  • Lock bracket; The lock bracket is a replacement part for the arm of the Wheelylift, for attaching your lock to your frame.
  • Colors; In addition, the Wheelylifts are also available in different colors. In stock are the colors black, gray and stainless steel for outside.


For assembly and/or installation of Wheelylifts, you can also contact us. Wheelylift offers you the convenience of a convenient mobile assembly service. On-site assembly is possible from as little as 1 wheelylift and becomes cheaper with a graduated discount when assembling several wheelylifts at the same time at the same location.