Bike Storage Made Easy with Wheelylift.

Inventor Jules Sypkens is the magnificent creator of thecse fabulous bike storage systems that allow people to utilize more space within their living quarters, the ability to show off multiple bikes in an organized fashion for those who sell bikes, and would have the ability for people to be able to buy bikes within a corporation such as Walmart, Target, and other companies for the consumer buying the product to be able to not only get the bike that they want, but the people who work at corporations to be able to do other jobs that are necessary in their field of work without worrying about getting down a bike that is unreachable.

This system produces the best functionality in this day and age, the design is sleek and intriguing to those that see it, you get what you pay for with honesty, integrity, a superb quality, and the sustainability needed to be the best product of its time. Companies will be able to safely and effectively store their bikes through this bike storage pulley system, and it’s all with the creation, invention and hard work of Jules Sypkens of having the idea to hang up bicycles vertically. This allows a person to save 40-60% of space in their vicinity thanks to the bike storage pulley system.

Bike storage systems in this day and age often revolve around the use of storing a bike in its natural position, whether that be with a bike lock or without one, but the wheelylift is a unique and user-friendly system that allows a person to use a bike storage pulley system to hang the bike, maintenance-free, for not only space-saving purposes but allows a person to pivot the bike in a wheely motion where the bike is able to hang. It doesn’t just give you more space to walk, but it’s suitable for all types of bikes, systainable, and there is no maintenance required in the wheelylift. This bike storage pulley system is virtually light as a feather, you’re able to use the Wheelylift to store a large number of bicycles, and there are even different angles to store them at.

The bike storage systems has varing different products on their website with the ability to lift bikes from 01-12 KG, 12-24 KG, and 18-35 KG. There are also gas springs for 500 Nw, 800 Nw, and 1100 Nw. The profiles and mounting materials can hold either 3, 4, or 6 Wheelylifts. This is a environmentally safe product, with origins of base materials, the lifespan and the reuse of applied materials being stern in demand allow this system to sustain procurement. This product was also made in Holland, and assembled by the “Social Workplace” initiviative’s staff.

In conclusion, should you feel that you would like one of your own you can contact the company by emailing: or by sending a postal letter to the address listed before with what you are looking for:

De Derde Hoeve 30
2676 CS Maasdijk
The Netherlands