New! The Wheelylift Cargo Bike Lift

From now on you can store your space consuming cargo bike in a very space saving way! Especially for the bike shops it is a very welcome solution with the growing demand for cargo bikes and the space they take in the shop and storage area. The lift can hold cargo bikes up to 65 kg and is very easy to use. The system is equipped with an extra safety assurance by securing the bike once it is parked in the upper position. The minimum height needed is depending on the length of the cargo bike. But calculate 10-15 cm extra for some space between the bike and the floor and ceiling.



The Wheelylift system is equipped with the following materials:

  • Wheelylift system with heavy gas spring (1100 Nw)
  • Magnet assembly to hold the bike in position
  • Vertical profile system for wall mounting and to keep height flexibility
  • Safety assurance assembly to secure the bike in the upper position

Price of the complete set:                          € 599,00

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