At Wheelylift we now also sell the Wheelylift Carousels, smaller storage spaces for several bicycles in collaboration with Mybike Valet. The Wheelylift carousels come in 3 different types, open, gated and solitary.

Wheelylift Carousel: Open

The open version of the Wheelylift Carousel. This version of the Wheelylift Carousels is very suitable for placing several bicycles in a small space. The bikes can be hung and secured with cables and the carousel can be turned, so you can remove your bike from any angle. The open version is not further secured. Below a video about how to use the Open Carousel.

The Gated version of the Wheelylift Carousel is a nice variant of the open version, however the gated version has a fence around its bicycle parking spaces, as shown in the image below. This version of the Carousel has 1 opening and is also rotatable, so you can reach any bike. It is also protected with cables.

Wheelylift Carousel: Gated

Wheelylift Carousel: Solitary

The Solitary version of the Wheelylift Carousel is the safest Carousel of all versions. For this version you need a pass and a number code to open the door. When the door is open you will see the Wheelylift appear and you can hang your bicycle on it. The door also closes automatically, making the Wheelylift Carousel: Solitary the safest Carousel of all 3 versions.