Our mission is to equip spaces with the Wheelylift, the unique bicycle storage system which excels in sustainability, user-friendly, functionality, design and the saving of space.

  • Wheelylift.com designs, develops, produces, sells and exports the Wheelylift and related products. User-friendlyness, functionality, design, price/quality balance and sustainability are our points of focus in this.

  • Honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust are the key values of our company allowing us to live up to what we promise.
  • Wheelylift.com attaches a lot of value to corporate social responsibility. For example the assembly of the Wheelylifts is done in a sheltered workshop.

  • Wheelylift.com conforms itself to the criteria for sustainable procurement as worked out by the authorities. Environment, origins of base materials, lifespan and the reuse of applied materials are stern demands in this.

  • Wheelylift.com markets her products businesslike and with profit objective.