Our mission is to decorate spaces by applying the Wheelylift, the bicycle storage system, which excels in durability, usability, functionality, design and space saving.

  • Wheelylift.com designs, develops, manufactures, sells and exports the Wheelylift and related products. Usability, functionality, design, price/quality and durability are our spearheads.
  • Openness, integrity, loyalty and trust are the core values of our organisation, which makes us know what has been agreed upon.
  • Wheelylift.com attaches great importance to corporate social responsibility so let them assemble the wheelylifts at the workplace. 
  • Wheelylift.com conforms to the criteria for sustainable procurement as established by the Government. The environment, the origin of raw materials, longevity and the reuse of applied materials are hard requirements.
  • Wheelylift.com markets its products with a business impact and a profit objective.