Bicycle lifts

The Wheelylift is suitable for bicycles from 1 to 35 kg, including all electric bicycles. If you have a lighter bike, we recommend that you use the other variants. This type of Wheelylift is equipped with a gas spring with less Newton, making it easier to install and remove lighter bicycles. Will you buy a lighter bike in the future? No problem you can easily replace the gas spring for another type of gas spring that is suitable for your new, lighter bicycle.

Gas springs

The gas spring is ideal for all bicycles from 1 to 35 kg. Changing the gas spring in your Wheelylift is a simple operation. You disassemble the Wheelylift, slide the inside out of the casing. You release the clip at the base of the gas spring and unscrew the gas spring. You screw in the new gas spring, secure the gas spring, place the interior in the casing and mount the Wheelylift on the wall.

Profiles and mounting

The profiles and mounting materials are suitable for mounting the Wheelylift. The Wheely lifts can be mounted at the same height or at different heights. The advantage of applying the profiles is that you are flexible in placing and / or moving the Wheely lifts. By loosening the screws you can easily slide the Wheely lifts in the profile to the left or right.

Wall Mount and Overhead Bike Storage

With a push of a button the bikes come right down to your fingertips. Your customers get the right bike right now. In minutes they can walk out the door with their shiny new bikes. Aisles stay open and customers can browse profitable accessories. Space opens up in your repair shop or on the sales floor. Your backroom storage aisles stay open and clear.