The idea behind the Wheelylift is actually very simple. Inventor Jules Sypkens came up with a system for suspending bicycles weighing more than 10 kilos, saving a great deal of space in the process. Why? Simply because it didn’t yet exist… It worked, and worked well: hanging up bicycles vertically with the Wheelylift can achieve space savings of up to 40 until 60 percent! acts on the private as well as on the professional market and is responsible for design, innovation, production and sale of Wheelylift.

In 2012, we got Wheelylift’s production from Asia back to the Netherlands. Wheelylift is not only “Dutch Design” but also “Made in Holland” and we are proud of it! Socially responsibly behavior is one of our priorities. For instance, Wheelylift is assembled by of the “Social Workplace” initiative’s staff. And we also realize this ideal in our management, production and logistics.