Why does overhead and Wall mount bike storage make sense?

Horizontal retail and commercial bike lifts

Double your storage overnight without a remodel. Every month you pay for open empty walls and ceilings that could suddenly become very valuable to you.

With a push of a button the bikes come right down to your fingertips. Your customers get the right bike right now. In minutes they can walk out the door with their shiny new bikes. Aisles stay open and customers can browse profitable accessories. Space opens up in your repair shop or on the sales floor. Your backroom storage aisles stay open and clear.

Every time a bike is moved it can get damaged, dinged or scraped. Climbing a ladder to get a bike down invites trouble with dropped bikes and injuries. Now it’s easy for all employees to get new bikes down safely, not just the big and strong. Thanks to LiftNStore® wall mounted bike storage solutions.

Inventory is fast and easy because with a glance you can see exactly what you have and you can put your hands on it. Shrinkage is reduced because your bikes are out of casual reach. There is an optional lockable control switch available too.

Why would you consider the Overhead Bike storage?

  • Storing pre-built bikes overhead lets you restock the sales floor quickly and easily. Bikes are assembled in off hours and be ready for immediate delivery.
  • The overhead bicycle lift is a modular design. Each section is eight feet long so it is easy for you to optimize your space.

Why would you consider a Wall Mounted Bike Storage?

  • Every wall mounted bike lift comes assembled and ready for immediate mounting on any open wall.
  • It is simple to run a whole line of lifts along a wall, in fact you can run five lifts off of a single low voltage power supply. –delete orange
  • All LiftNStore® Lifts are simple, reliable and strong.
  • You get a tax benefit because a lift is an ‘electric appliance’, not a ‘building improvement’.
  • Every lift is made with pride in the United States of America and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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