The new product from Wheelylift

New! The Wheelylift OnStreet. It has been proven to be the most space-saving bicycle storage system on the market. See our use cases regarding double-level parking. Perfect for public spaces or for indoor bicycle sheds. You can park up to 20 bicycles in 1 car parking space. The OnStreet is available with various options, such as a roof, charging points for e-bikes and full closure with access control. The OnStreet can even be placed in rooms with a low ceiling. All exact dimensions can be found in the brochure below.


For in- and outside!



Below the use cases

Use case 1

Could be a practical situation. In a new building in a busy city there are 2 bicycle rooms, with a total area of ​​280 square meters. An average two-storey parking system gives you 180 parking spaces for your bicycle for this area, which makes 1.56 square meters per bicycle. With the OnStreet solution you get 266 places for this, which makes 1.06 square meters per bicycle. In this way, OnStreet saves half a square meter per bicycle.

Use case 2

A practical situation is a country estate in a densely populated city, with parking spaces for cars in the form of traffic jams. An average two-storey parking system here needs 3 parking spaces to place 32 bicycles. With OnStreet you only need 2 parking spaces for no less than 40 bicycles (or 3 spaces for 60 bicycles).